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Dear Friend…

Imagine banking £15,957.82 tax free…

…for something that takes just 30 SECONDS to set up each time.

This is what a powerful algorithm has earned for a small group of football investors in the past year.

It’s all thanks to a powerful piece of software that plugs into the football betting market to exploit a quirk in the stats which I’ll explain to you in a moment.

Without you lifting a finger, it scans thousands of options… crunches all the numbers… works out the probabilities.

Then delivers betting alerts to you during live football matches.

All it takes is 30 seconds to action. There’s no need to watch the game or trade bets. Once you set this up, you’re done and free to go.

Yes, it’s a form of betting…

But this is as far from gambling as you can get.

There is no human judgement involved in this. No hunches. No emotions. No chasing thrills.

No flawed thinking.

It’s all about a computerised attack on the probabilities, worked out by a ruthlessly efficient machine.

This is how it produces small, but stunningly consistent gains every month.

Really, this is an investment strategy – one that grows your wealth faster than any savings account or stock market portfolio.

And has turned £1,000 into £15,957.82 in just over 12 months.

But you can start with as little as £500.

Each gain you make rolls into a bigger stake… and then into another bigger stake… then into an even bigger stake, until you get quite remarkable results.

Take a look at this chart of what actually happened since our launch in November 18 and December 19 with a £500 bank using our recommended staking plan….

That’s £7,978.91 from a nominal
£500 starting bank!

(And if you’d started with a £1,000 bank, you’d have turned that into £15,957.82 TAX-FREE in a year.)

Keep it going and based on a £500 starting bank and the average monthly point profit the figures get even more remarkable…

By year two, your bank would be £84,725.

Of course, by this point your stakes (although still 5% of your bank) would be getting uncomfortable so I’d advise you to take out some of your winnings.

All for something that takes just 30 seconds to set up each football game.

Or if you’d rather you can chose to bet with level stakes. Here are the results over the same time period and just compounding 5% of your new bank total each month…

Of course, I can understand if you’re a little sceptical. Can it really be so simple to make these super low-risk profits?

Well yes! Which is why I’d like to give you a special 30 day risk-free trial of my service Live Match Profits, in which you get the selections from this software delivered direct to you.

You don’t have to commit any money until you SEE the results for yourself.

So how does it work?

The algorithm is built around a proven statistic that football teams win or lose far more often than they draw.

This is something that betting professionals have known about and successfully profited from on Betfair for over 19 years…

And it works because it’s based on a simple premise.

Draws occur just 33% of the time.

Bettors have been able to take advantage of this discrepancy using Betting Exchanges such as Betfair. They place ONE lay bet and trade against the draw to bag a profit.

You make a small gain each time, but it is devastatingly consistent…

Meaning you can roll those small gains into bigger and bigger stakes without the usual risks.

Because of this, it didn’t take long for the news to spread to the wider betting community…

More and more people crowded the half-time market…

As more bets were placed, the value took a hit.

While this strategy still remained profitable, for most people the work/reward ratio was too high.

Thinner margins made the market less appealing for punters who didn’t want to spend hours trawling through statistics to make a decent return.

However, I have found a way to make it work…

Without you needing to do any of the research!

20 years in software development and eight years following the betting markets…

Meet Lucas.

Due to the high-profile nature of his clients we can’t reveal his identity here, but he’s spent over 20 years developing software across multiple platforms.

In that time, he’s worked for global players including Reuters, Citibank and Siemens.

Luckily for us, in 2010 he started to take a keen interest in betting.

He analysed the markets and for the next eight years obsessively looked for opportunities to ethically exploit the system.

Three years ago, he came across one of my lay betting systems and made consistent gains from it…

But he was convinced he could create an algorithm to improve the strike rate even further.

You see he noticed that the number of football matches played around the world which you can bet on has increased MASSIVELY over recent years.

This is great news for bettors, but it has made it challenging to keep track of everything that’s going on.

Normally it would take all day to manually scan long lists of fixtures, check multiple ‘in play’ stats and pinpoint the best opportunities.

So, Lucas thought, “Why not get a computer to do the tedious grunt work?”

We joined forces and set about creating a powerful piece of software which scans the ‘Lay the Draw’ markets 24/7 and pinpoints the best opportunities

My name’s Andrew David.

The chances are you know me from one of my betting strategies which include: Little AcornsFootball BankbuilderPrice Equalisation Method and my Quick-fire Betting Profits portfolio course.

I love working with like-minded developers and when Lucas first got in touch I was intrigued with his idea.

This is the first time I’ve ever used software to completely rework one of my betting systems from the ground up and saw it as an opportunity to potentially increase profitability for my followers and remove the ‘work’ element.

So, I teamed up with Lucas…

We worked with each other every week over the course of the next two years to come up with different variables to test.

Anything that we thought could impact results in the ‘Lay the Draw’ market.

We live tested hundreds of variables over 4,157 matches… (we never stop testing so this number is now 11,364!)

The first ‘eureka’ light bulb moment came when we ran the filters through a purpose-built simulator that Lucas painstakingly built…

And it showed a profit.

And again…

And again and again and again.

All this involved hardcore numerical analysis.

We isolated over 15 variables associated with the state of a match, such as shots on target, goal kicks, corners and so on as well as the ratios between them.

And it was within these strands of data that we found patterns that give us a long-term edge.

But the next part was key…

It’s one thing to identify profitable trends from past data but quite another to replicate the same results live.

And that’s when we started live testing.

We found that when used in real time, this proved to be a rock-solid, long-term, sustainable strategy.

In 14 months you could have rolled a
starting bank of £1,000 into
£15,957.82 TAX-FREE

Take off your starting bank and that’s £14,958.44 pure tax free profit. Not bad for a something that takes just 30 seconds to set up.

With low risk bets and the magic of compounding your profits quickly snowball.

For instance, if you were to carry on using our staking plan after two years your £1,000 bank would be an incredible £84,725.

And remember, your £83,725 profit is tax free, so goes straight in your pocket!

And all you need is an email account…

When you start your risk-free trial, we will email you trades through our Live Match Profit Alerts.

These are simple, copy and paste trades and have all the filters in place for a profitable Lay.

All you need to take advantage of this is an email account (we recommend Gmail for the best possible deliverability and it’s free). And you can set up an alert on your computer and mobile so you don’t even need to check your emails.

That really is it!

We’ve even built a special ‘early warning’
feature into this to ensure
you never miss a bet

Here’s something which REALLY sets this apart.

We’ve built a special early warning feature into this.

So, you’ll be sent a ‘heads up’ email if it looks like a trade is about to be confirmed.

This gives you plenty of time to log in on your phone or computer if you’re not near one already.

It means you’ll be completely ready to place a bet if and when the actual instruction to bet comes through.

This gives you a HUGE advantage over most betting systems, especially as we are dealing with matches that are in play.

You can just log into your betting account when you get a heads-up warning and get your trade on with minimum delay if it goes live. (And remember it only takes 30 seconds to actually place a trade.)

And I’ll even show you how you can set up phone alerts if you don’t have time to check your emails.

You could use this to bank £15,957.82 in
the next 14 months

This is one of the few betting systems which I believe offers genuinely stress-free profits.

There are some superb betting strategies out there that are great in principle but in practice they simply aren’t workable because they require superhuman reaction times to profit.

Our software can make complicated calculations in nanoseconds which gives us a superhuman edge.

And the fact we can have a pre-warning when the filters indicate a winning selection looks likely gives us plenty of time to react and means we can profit from betting opportunities we might otherwise have missed!

That’s why I can’t wait for you to try this.

It’s like having your very own team of betting experts working for you… trawling through all the data and pulling up the very best selections…

Only you don’t have to deal with any of that expense or faff and can do everything via your smartphone!

Bets are sent direct to your inbox and you can place them online in 30 seconds or less.

Come on Andrew, how does it work? What’s the secret behind the filters

There are hundreds of factors that influence the outcome of a football match.

And within this there are unique sets of markers which can indicate, with increased probability, which direction the game is likely to head in.

They cover a huge range including the basics such as…

…whether there’s a home team advantage… the amount of possession… shots on goal… current run of play and so on.

So far, we have analysed our 11,364 matches and uncovered a set of ‘super filters’ which, when combined in a certain way, dramatically improve our ability to pick out winners.

With all these super-filters applied we were able to hit an average strike rate of 45% (and touching nearly 65% at times). In fact, even when our strike rate hits as low as 30% we can still make a profit!

Obviously, I can’t reveal the precise details of the filters here because it would compromise the service, but there are 15 in total.

This gives us an unfair advantage over every other in-play trader

One crucial element of the software – which is another thing that sets this apart from anything else I’ve ever worked on – is our ‘Fuzzy Triggering Filter’.

This clever algorithm, which we’ve built into the detector, lines all the data up, live as it’s coming in.

This takes a huge amount of processing power and we have a dedicated server that does just this, crunching the numbers 24/7.

It analyses which filters have been triggered – and which are likely to be triggered – and then the moment the criteria have been met, it locks in the selection and zaps it to your inbox.

This gives us a massive edge over other in play traders…

While they’re cross-referencing stats and analysing odds by hand we’ve already received the alert and placed our bet online!

Don’t worry, you don’t need to understand the theory behind any of this. I just wanted to give you a little more background into how the selection process works.

Live Match Profits does all the hard work for you, so you can just copy and paste the selections into Betfair.

The software keeps learning and improving all the time behind the scenes

At the time of writing we’ve analysed over 11,364 matches…

That’s a huge amount of data, but we’re not stopping there…

The data collects daily and the server processes every new stat that comes in.

This means we can continue to monitor the selection process and analyse any potential new filters.

We utilise anything that can give us that edge, no matter how small.

This gives us the opportunity to fine tune the strategy in the future – and potentially ramp up our profit margin even further.

And, of course, as a member you’ll be the first to benefit from any proposed improvements to the system.

It’s all done for you AUTOMATICALLY, all the research… selections and filters, you just copy and paste bets into Betfair in 30 seconds

All you need is access to your email and betting account (it can be on your smartphone or computer) so you can act on recommendations. You can even set up an alert on your mobile so you don’t have to check your emails.

There’s no form to study or matches to analyse…

No price watching or waiting at your PC for trades to appear.

You can use this as and when you wish.

This is one of THE most flexible betting systems I’ve ever created.

And you can use it all year round.

When the football season ends in the UK there are still plenty of selections to choose worldwide.

Just enter your email address, wait for the notifications and I’ll send you the bets.

You get full support from me with access to my dedicated email

Our dedicated server monitors games and processes the ‘Fuzzy Triggering Filter’ automatically so you don’t have to lift a finger.

There’s no software for you to install…

No theory or match selection criteria for you to get your head round…

You just wait for the email and copy and paste selections into Betfair.

But I want to make sure you feel 100% confident and comfortable using the strategy.

That’s why I’ve created a simple step-by-step start-up guide as well as onscreen video tutorials showing you how to place bets.

It’s extremely straightforward and if you’ve ever traded live football on Betfair before you already know how to do this.

But I’m also right here if you need me!

I’ll give you access to my dedicated email address so that you can contact me with any questions you might have.

You won’t get banned by the bookies for making money from this

Traditional bookmakers can restrict your account or outright ban you if you have too many wins, because paying out is bad for business…

The good news is we use exchanges to trade this (I recommend Betfair) which means your account won’t get banned, ever.

You can win as much money as you like, and they won’t close your account.

Think about that.

You can tap into a consistently profitable betting system that could help you turn a modest betting bank of £500 into £7,978.91 or a £1,000 bank into £15,957.82 tax free in 14 months and no one will bat an eyelid.

But if you do have a bookmaker account that you’d rather use, no problem!

The way these bets are structured – as small trades on the Lay the Draw market – you’re extremely unlikely to even get noticed by the big players.

STOP PRESS! I’ll give you my 4-4-2 strategy completely FREE

This is the perfect complement to our Live Match Profits selections if you want to boost your profits even further.

It’s a betting strategy you can use on live football and it’s so simple you can start using it today.

I mean it.

You’re just looking for three numbers – when they line up – you’re on.

Sign up today and you can have it free.

There’s no catch, you can keep this even if you decide not to continue with Live Match Profits.

You can enrol on Live Match Profits for just £9.95

Membership to Live Match Profits is just £29.95 (+vat) a month.

That’s for everything.

All your selections and full support from me.

Plus, you’ll get my 4-4-2 bonus system.

But wait! You don’t have to commit to
anything now, try it risk-free for
the next 30 days

I’m so confident that you can make regular, consistent profits from this that I want to let you try it for 30 days, risk-free.

See how the selections perform first before placing any money on live bets.

That way you can get a feel for the system first and decide in your own time.

This is an absolutely cast iron, no quibbles guarantee and is fully underwritten by my publisher, Canonbury Publishing Ltd.

Lock in your risk-free trial space today and if you decide it’s not right for you (for any reason) you can cancel within 30 days for a full refund.

Ready to start profiting? Just click on the button below to get started

I’ll send you everything you need so that you can start getting selections straight to your inbox right away:

I can’t wait to welcome you onboard.

Andrew David
Live Match Profits

PS: Remember you get a full 30 days to monitor the selections, start trading and see how much you can make on a risk-free trial basis before committing. You can start with as little as £500 and use our recommended staking plan as shown above to roll that into £7,978.91 in the next 12 months.

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